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Wine-of-the-Month Club is South Africa’s longest standing and largest wine club.

Started in 1986, long before the days you could buy wine online – our focus is to only sell wine that our EXPERT panel has voted into the prestigious selection of wines.

How does the Wine-of-the-Month Club Work?
There are two ways for you to best enjoy the panel’s selections:

1. You can browse through the various wines on offer (no membership needed) and make up your own unique selection

2. Sign up for a wine club and you will receive a panel-selected case of wine delivered to your door

When you sign up to a Club all you need to do is choose:
Red, White or Mixed case.
6 bottles or 12 bottles.
And how often you would like to receive your club pack (every 2, 3, 4 months).

Each wine club offers the finest wines in its particular price bracket.