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Wiki Village is used to publish content relating to business and tourism activities in South Africa. Such content created can be converted into full websites.

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About us

Founded just over 2 years ago, Wiki Village is an online application that provides useful information in a geographic perspective.  The company acquires users by inviting South African’s to publish useful content relating to services, businesses and places of interest to tourism.

Arranging website content in a geographic perspective allows a user to experience published content from a logical perspective. In essence it presents a user or visitor to the website with content ranging from the nearest (walking distance) to the furthest (driving distance) within a given radius.

The website accepts a wide range of useful content but essentially it aims to improve the travelling experience for both South African and foreign travellers to this country. General businesses and services are also welcome to publish on Wiki Village. Travellers and holiday makers have the same basic needs for products and services as would the local community they are visiting.  They adopt similar spending habits relating to basic and advanced day-to-day needs such as pharmacies, grocery stores and hardware stores.

Furthermore it also highlights and recognises the importance of “shopping tourism” as a known driver of local economic development.