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Voltage Converter Company is a leader among voltage converter manufacturer. Our main focus is creating the highest quality products.

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The Voltage Converter shown in the link you posted should not be with electronic products, such as those mentioned by the OP. That type of Converter uses solid-state technology to reduce the voltage, rather than a Transformer and the output is not especially "clean". When connected to a solid-state product such as a Camera Charger, unfortunate consequences can occur! Most manufacturers of electronic products such as cameras specifically recommend against using their products with that type of Converter.

Voltage Converter Company is a leader among voltage converter manufacturer. Our main focus is creating the highest quality products. Voltage Converter Company is an United States voltage converter maker located in Los Angeles. Our company concentrates on voltage converter design and voltage converter manufacture. The main products are voltage converter 110v to 220v, voltage converter 220v to 110v, step up voltage converter, step down voltage converter and so on.

You need that box to convert the electricity from AC to DC or vice versa. The converter plug usually has a transformer box with an adapter in one piece. If not then you would have to buy an adapter to plug into the wall then plug your converter into the adapter then plug-in your US bought device. The reason why you would buy this is for your devices that don't have a box (i.e. your straightener). If you simply use an adapter with your American bought straightener then it'll blow up or do something else unpleasant.

Travel voltage converters are not designed for continuous use as oppose to the larger transformer which can be used continuously. Travel voltage converters also have very small capacity and usually range from 30W to 200W max. The 1600W or 1875W travel voltage converter is not an actual voltage transformer, it is designed specifically for heat producing (purely resistive) items only such a hair dryer, irons, heating pads, etc.. Do NOT use 1600W or 1875W setting of a travel voltage converter with electronic items or any items with electronic circuitry or chipset.

We've selected some of the best voltage converters below. But if you're not sure what type of voltage converter or adapter you need - this handy Voltage Converter Guide explains all about international plug adapers and travel voltage converters.

We have a large copier that is plugged into a 220V outlet. Our new copier is a 120V. Is there such a thing as a step down voltage converter that can be made or bought that would allow the copier to be plugged in? I was told that some type of converter could be built or made.

Just make sure to have both an adapter AND the correct wall plug. My first trip to London I had only the wall plug and fried my curling iron; upside was that I got to shop at the local hardware store near my B&B for a new one.