H.I.R.A Course

The H.I.R.A. (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) course enables learners to carry out H.I.R.A in their workplace. It is recommended for management and supervisors, SHE representatives practitioners and any person who is expected to carry out formal hazard identification and risk assessments. The aim of the course is to enable them to make responsible and informed contributions to the health and safety conduct in their workplace.


  •  2 Days

Entry Requirement:

  •  Valid SHE representative certificate
  •  Certificate is valid for two year

Course content:

  •  Hazard identification and risk assessment process
  • Types of hazard identification and risk assessments in the workplace
  •  Selecting the appropriate hazard identification and risk assessment method for different circumstances
  •  Describe and apply the techniques used in hazard identification and risk assessment in the workplace
  •  Conduct a Risk Assessment using the HIRA methodology
  •  Identify applicable control measures


  • The course is to be presented on a 25% theoretical and 75% practical basis.
  • The candidate is evaluated during the duration of the course. There are a written examination.
  •  A compulsory teacher/ student evaluation will be done during the duration of the course, and learner competency must be demonstrated to be found competent and certified.