Fire and Evacuation Training Course

Fire prevention, confinement, extinction as well as evacuation and alerting the fire department in an emergency situation are essential information for any corporate employee to have! The basic fire awareness training course evolves around each of the above topics. This basic fire and evacuation training course is ideal to equip corporate employees with the skills and knowledge needed to contain to prevent or contain any fire - these are actions that can save companies million of rands in damages. Evacuation training enables the marshal to help employees safely out of the building should the need arise in any emergency, not only due to fire.

Fire and Evacuation Course Content:

This fire and evacuation training course is designed to give attention to the following important topics: Chemistry of combustion, Sources of fires, Fire behavior, appropriate firefighting equipment, Fire prevention and Evacuation. The skills of using the appropriate basic fire fighting equipment are also practiced. It promises to be an interactive, informative and interesting training course! The course consists of the following modules:
• What is Fire
• Fire Behavior
• Classification of Fires
• Fire Fighting Methods
• Fire Fighting Equipment
• Extinguishing Fires
• Prevention of Fires
• Emergency Preparedness
• Emergency Procedures
• Evacuation
• Legal Requirements