Basic Fire training to businesses and home owners

Fire safety is an important topic that you must discuss within your family and community. As a community, you can organizeyour response to fires and help the individuals affected. Firefighters are also willing to help you create these safety plans.

Create a Safety Plan

The community can help by designating an area where, if a fire is burning,groups can congregate safety away from the flames. With trained professionals'help,homeowners can plan escape routes for there homes in times of need. Also,while planning, the community can take into account those people with physical handicaps who would need assistance.

Fire Safety Classes

Hold Fire safety classes for the entire community. These classes can be organized in a local area such as a recreation center. During the classes, Ultimate training Academy and firefighters demostrate how to put out a small fire that may occur in the home. Other topics include how to crawl to avoid smoke inhalation and how to stage fire drills.

Observe the Community

Look for such things as downed telephone lines, leaking gas tanks and piles of dry brush and grass. These factors could either start a fire or help it spread more rapidly. Contact the fire department to handle any matter that could lead to a fire.

Duration of the course 1 Day.

Entry requierment none.

Certeficate valid for one year