Trainman is the app for the modern Indian train traveller.

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Trainman is the app for the modern Indian train traveller. It allows you to predict confirmation chances of a waitlisted ticket before booking. For an existing ticket, It not only gives you the current IRCTC PNR status but even predicts whether the ticket will get confirmed or not, in case the ticket is in waiting list. It uses scientific method (technically known as machine learning) to calculate confirmation chances using historical trends for the route of the corresponding journey. Not only this, for more inquisitive users, it also shows historical trends relevant to his journey so that he can plan with confidence.

Features of Trainman App: -

Find trains between stations and predict confirmation chances, even before booking.

- PNR status & Prediction: Checks live IRCTC PNR status and smartly calculates confirmation chances of waiting list ticket.

- Know train route of any train.

- Know how punctual is your train in the form of average delay over last 7 days.

- Know current running status of your train. - Historical trends: Shows final charting status of historical PNRs similar to your PNR.

- General train tips and tatkal booking tips.