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Henry Ford's favourite food was edible wild weed. This page is about common edible garden weeds.

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Have you ever thought of eating weed? I mean wild or garden weed (Afrikaans: onkruid)?

Those plants you too eagerly dig out by root, stem and leaves, flowers and seeds, then tuck them into a green garden refuse bag and throw it away.

Have you for once considered eating those throw-away weeds?

I have!

More so did Henry Ford. About a year ago I read in the Sunday newspaper about the eating habits of several well-known people and what type of food they fancied most. It turned out that Henry Ford so favoured wild edible weed that he would stop along the road and pick wild plants to nibble on.

The more I learn about those pesky plants that tend to take over our flowerbeds or vegetable gardens, the more it wins my respect. I thought to myself: ‘If you can’t beat it, eat it!’

Many of the weeds in our gardens are edible and have high nutritional values – even higher than the vegetables we buy at our local retail stores or farmer’s market.

Unlike some of my friends and family, I’m not suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or weight problems.

Sure, I’m not the desired weight I want to be and I am not as fit as I want to be but, I’m working on that.

Seeing the ones closest to me swallowing nutritional supplement tablets, using sleeping pills or drinking energy drinks on a daily basis, I just had to look into the archives of life, asking myself how my forefathers – and also the earliest humankind – dealt with certain kinds of illnesses such as mild headaches, minor wounds, rash, tummy aches, and overall health and wellbeing when they did not have the science we have today.

On this page I am going to zoom in on the weed that is growing in my small courtyard garden. I am going to taste it, eat it, do research on it and blog about it.

Not only my backyard weeds, but also vegetables I re-grow from off-cuts in the kitchen as well as the health and beauty aspects around each and every plant.

Believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised how the throw-away-leaves in your garden can tickle your taste buds and enhance your daily meals!

Be sure to make a mental note to follow my blogs on my journey to discover what remarkable tastes are lurking out there in our gardens and in die wide open fields around us.