The Sanctuary Aftercare Rehab & Counselling Centre

Aftercare Rehab Centre from Drug, Alcohol, ED, depression etc. Counselling sessions offered as in or our patients

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The Sanctuary offers general counselling. In-patient and out-patient treatment. All substance abuse issues and general disorders, relationship, marriage, trauma etc. All are welome to heal with teh Sanctuary. Call now for advice or assistance. 


Welcome to The Sanctuary in-patient Aftercare South Africa. Learn the art of Sober living, of doing a 180 degree turnaround into social sober and healthy living and being your purpose! Stay in ulta-comfort at our aftercare facility, mingle with a well-renowned, very large recovery community that is Plettenberg Bay, with daily meetings and all the support your need. Take your addiction recovery in South Africa recovery to the next level!
Extended in-patient rehabilitation from substance, alcohol and food addiction is an on-going process. The Sanctuary Sober Living is the next step! At The Sanctuary we emphasize optimal living, the social development of our clients, and a modern yet classical philosophy that brings out the very best capabilities in our clients. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and it’s never too late to start re-creating your life they way you have dreamed it should be.
Who can benefit from our services?

People who have done some primary rehab before or had an introductory experience with the 12 steps and want more progress, more evolution in terms of recovery! The Sanctuary in-patient care is for people who need a world class sober living facility to get to fast, that has great people, a great reputation and  the superb beachfront comfort a solid recovery programme in addiction and recovery in South Africa should have.

The Sanctuary in-patient treatment is also for people who know they have a problem to overcome but are able to maintain a full time job, young people starting out in life we need a new freedom of space and need services where they can complete work where necessary. Business owners, celebs, high profile clients. Also, Individuals who are leaving a higher level of care and are stepping down for outpatient services. Students maintaining a full course load. People who prefer individual living in the context of sober living.

The Sanctuary use the 12 steps, physiological, psychological and spiritual approaches that ultimately change lives! If you have done rehab, done relapsing etc. make sure your behaviors have actually changed, not just the thinking. Stinking thinking is a barrier to your success. You need to change your life philosophy if it’s not working. That’s precisely what recovery, the steps, the big book and The Sanctuary is here to do for you. The Sanctuary is also for those who and are unsure of the next step, but can’t afford  It’s time to develop being sober into a healthy body, mind and practically into the person you were destined to be – contributing, growing and moving forward.
The Sanctuary use only the best local, professional services of counsellors, psychologists, therapists and doctors. We know recovery! For advise, assistance or admissions drop us an email or give us a call now.