The Art of Learning

Art School to unleash your creativity with Art Classes, Art Workshops or Art Team Building for all ages and levels in Port Elizabeth.

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We provide individual attention to unleash your creativity in Art Classes, Art Workshops and Art Team Building for all ages and levels of experience, for Adults, Learners, Company Groups and Couples.

We are passionate about creativity. We believe that everyone is creative and should have the opportunity to make Art. You may have tried your hand at gardening, cooking, or sewing so how about unleashing your creativity as works of Art.

Some schools do not offer Art as a subject and those that do offer Art, allocate only 2 hours per week in their timetable. We provide individual attention in 3-hour sessions. Beginners will learn many tips and tricks and advanced scholars who are considering studying Art after matriculation, will get assistance with their Higher Education Application Portfolios. School Holiday Workshops are popular (to run again from 3 to 13 April 2017).

For working adults, we offer Wednesday evening or Saturday morning classes. Non-working adults can join a class in the mornings. Come to play and experiment with colour, various mediums and techniques. No boss to check your work. In fact mistakes and 'happy accidents' are treasured in the world of Art.

Book your entire department for a Creative Art Teambuilding Workshop and get your own next lesson for free. These are ideal for teams undergoing company change where it is essential that no bottlenecks are disrupting their value chain. When the internal supply chain is well-oiled, service delivery to customers follows and business grows.

Covered in Classes and Workshops:

Drawing: Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Painting: Oil, Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolour; 3-D Object Construction; Calligraphy, Clothing Decorating, Fabric Painting, Collage, Mixed Media, Perspective Drawing, Beadwork, Jewelery-Making, Arts and Crafts, Decoration and Gift-Making, and More.