Flowers - West Coast National Park


A very worth while day trip from Tarragona, Hout Bay. Approximately 90 minutes from Hout Bay up the West Coast accessed by either Yzerfontein or Darling. The National Park surrounds the Langebaan Lagoon. Every Spring the park's Postberg section is an unforgettable sight of fields of brightly coloured flowers set against the clear, blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Langebaan Lagoon is a 15km long, 2.5 km wide expanse of clear, warm water and is widely acknowledged as one of the great wetlands of the world and teems with life. During Summer, up to 55 000 migratory birds leave their Arctic breeding ground and fly South from Siberia and Greenland to transform the the lagoon into a bird watcher's paradise. The off shore islands are bird sanctuaries in their own right where large populations can roost and brood in safety. Schaapen island is home to the largest breeding colony of Kelp Gulls in SA, while Malgas island is home to thousands of Cape Gannets. The Langebaan area contains some of the richest fossil deposits in South Africa. These include an extinct bear, sabre- tooth cat, short necked giraffe and three - toed horse