Summerstrand Skating Rink

Port Elizabeth is growing as a tourism destination with the generous help of the Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and the Mandela Development Agency.

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The Magic Road Sign Project 

This Google marker features My Full Story To create your own free content, follow this link.

You can now explore this location using a Magic Road Sign or create your own free content:

Wiki Village is placing strategic Google markers in Port Elizabeth to create tourism awareness by means of corporate and civic collaboration. Too often we overlook tourism opportunities that are right here on our doorstep. For that Wiki Village has a remedy. The markers we place indicate Google coordinates of fun places to be found throughout Nelson Mandela Bay.

How it works

To stream your tourism content directly to your mobile screen you will need a Magic Road Sign tool. This tiny gadget fits easily into a standard keyring holder. Your device stores unlimited content and it will track your location, together with your content, as you criss-cross your landscape.     

Where to get your Magic Road Sign?

The Magic Road Sign is free of charge. Wiki Village involves local business and other local stakeholders to offset the cost of the device.  This 2-sided plastic container carries a Wiki Village Magic Road Sign on the front side of the keyring and the flipside features the sponsor’s logo and business details.

Initial costing for sponsors break down as follows:

25 Units =R200

50 Units=R380

100 Units=R750

Wiki Village charges a onetime levy of R50 for the design of sponsor ship logo and related branding.

The objective

The primary aim is:

  • Tourism awareness
  • Tourist satisfaction

The project was made possible by the accomplishment and development of an automated QR code generator.