StumbelBloc Phalaborwa

This unique product allows anyone with limited skills and limited means the opportunity to build their own home in an easy, cheap and cost effective manner.

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Welcome to StumbelBloc

Stumbelbloc is a revolutionary new cement block design that empowers the average person to build a home without any specialised skills. Due to the uniqueness of the product, the company has a global patent pending on its design and manufacture.

The blocks can be used to build sheds, walls, soak-a-ways, ponds and just about any structure that can be built using cement or concrete blocks. The system makes it possible for unskilled labour to build structures, such as homes ten times faster than conventional building methods. With this original design, building is as simple as stacking blocks on top of one another without sacrificing the integrity of the structure.

Using the Stumbelbloc system with its distinctive moulding components, hollow core blocks required to build a house can be created onsite within 48 hours. This can be achieved using manual labour and without any external power supply. The system was designed to minimise costs in relation to transportation and production while reducing our carbon footprint.

The Stumbelbloc system has the potential to empower local communities to build their own homes and other outdoor structures. Shelter manufacturing, a commodity always in demand, can become the backbone of local communities and the driving force of its home-grown economy.


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