Adrenalin Rush - the best selling action thriller novel. This is Steve Reeder's first novel.It has become South African best seller over the past two years.

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This story is about industrial espionage, kidnapping, adventure, high speed motorcycles and even a little romance. The main characters are all involved in motor racing in the UK, and the British Super Bike Championships serves as a background to the action, but it is not a story about motor racing. The first three chapters introduce the reader to most of the characters and gives some indication of what they do as well as a hint of where the story is going and that there is intrigue and mystery to follow, along with the action.

On returning to England, in the forth chapter, with the Robinson siblings, our hero gets unwittingly involved in the kidnapping of the team owner, an industrialist named Josh Rodber, who is at odds with a an Arab client, claiming to be a sheik, who demands a patent from him. The industrialist/team owner is kidnapped when he refuses to turn over the patent to the Arab. The main character, Simon Roberts, gets roped into running the team as well as a scheme to rescue the industrialist by Rodber’s daughter, Julia Rodber. Matters are complicated by the presence of Inspector Hammil from Special Branch, although he is not what he seems, nor for that matter, is Frank Brown who everyone thinks is a MI5 man, but may or may not be. Our hero recruits the services of Jethro Jones, an ex-special forces man, now seemingly part crook and part mercenary who signs on to help with the rescue of the industrialist, but he too is not quite what he seems to be. The question is; is he a friend or not?

After some misleading information from Hammil, Roberts agrees to rescue Rodber from an Arab embassy in London with help from Jones. Things go wrong when they find that Rodber is not there and Jones kidnaps the Sheik and disappears with him.

Rodber is finally released and so is the Sheik.

However, the Sheik exacts revenge by knocking Simon Roberts unconscious and taking him to an old French Foreign Legion fort in Algeria where his thugs torture him for several days. Roberts makes his escape, killing the thugs in the process and then makes an epic journey across the desert, almost dying, before a bit of luck helps him get back to England. There he finds that Hammil is not a policeman at all, Brown is not from MI5 and the Sheik is a fake too. While Roberts was away, Josh Rodber drops down dead from a massive heart-attack, leaving Roberts to sort out the entire mess.

Not only must he somehow get his racing team through the years racing events, but he needs to make a deal with the fake sheik to stop him from further attacks on the Rodber family; the sheik has not given up on the patented designs that Rodber has hidden. The problem is that nobody knows where they are. The threats from Hammil and Brown, both of whom appear to be either working with the Arab or competing for the designs themselves need to be guarded against, while Jethro Jones keeps cropping up in mysterious places and Roberts is never sure whose side he is on.

While all this is going on Simon Roberts is trying to seduce the lovely Michele Robinson, whose brother is one of the teams two racers, and the only reason he got involved at all.

The story builds to a dramatic conclusion with wild motorcycle chases through the Kent country-side, death on Essex trains and tragedy on the race-track, and the truth, laid bare at the very end is odder than you could imagine.