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Soft Step Foot Correctors, distributed by Step Forward SA, are corrective, flexible arch supports, relieving foot, knee, hip and back pain through realignment

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Step  Forward  Soft  Step  Foot  Correctors

The Soft Step story begins many years ago, when a keen, orthopedic foot specialist, using foot soldiers for study, designed an arch support, which most closely resembles and supports the bone structure of the human foot. The flexibility, a vital component, enables every foot to conform to the ideal, just as bad surfaces break down normal function.

Step Forward was founded in 1974, in the USA, by Roxanne Kimber.  After suffering with back and shoulder problems and exploring many avenues for relief, Roxanne found the Soft Step inner sole, which provided her with much sought after relief.  Roxanne founded the Step Forward company in Seattle and started distributing the supports to local doctors and clinics. Through the years many other products surfaced, but none with the integrity and reliability of the Soft Step. Perfected, manufactured and distributed globally by Step Forward USA, the Soft Step combines masterly design, superior, virgin materials (hence transparency), top notch technology, and precision engineering.

The Step Forward company has grown phenomenally and now distributes in many countries worldwide.  Soft Steps provide relief and correction of foot and posture problems for more than 95% of people fitted!  Soft Steps are worn, and enjoyed, by young and old, foot sloggers and sports people… in fact, people of every age and from every walk of life. The product has no equal and wearers testify to incredible results – alleviation of foot pain and posture problems, improvement in blood circulation, as well as in muscle tone and activity.

In 2004 Step Forward South Africa began importing these arch supports. Soft Step Foot Correctors have brought to South Africa the ultimate in active arch support and foot rehabilitation. Being flexible and dynamic, Soft Steps get to the root of the problem, correct the foundation and stabilize the entire musculoskeletal system, enhancing foot fitness in a way which no shoe, or exercise program is able to do.


Painful feet, bunions, hammertoes, calluses, cramps and backache are only symptoms of a bigger problem.  Hard surfaces, improper footwear, ageing and gravity are major causes of structural malfunction of the musculoskeletal system.

When foot alignment is incorrect, the entire body posture is affected, leading to painful knee, hip, back, neck and shoulder stress. Most foot supports are made to fit the unbalanced or troubled foot. Soft Steps are made in the shape of a normal, healthy foot, so that, in time, the foot conforms to the shape of the corrector. When worn properly Soft Steps realign the muscles and ligaments, eliminating fatigue and discomfort.  The foot will change from wearing improper footwear, therefore the foot can regain balance and alignment by wearing well balanced foot correctors.

The foot has three arches, formed by the combination of bone and muscle structure.  Supporting all three arches simultaneously and in the correct ratios, balances the foot and subsequently aligns body posture, reducing stress in all the joint areas e.g. knees, hips and back.


Soft Steps are made of a special polyethylene compound – virgin, semi-transparent, odour free, non allergenic and non porous – no bacterial or other residues are absorbed or retained.


The Soft Step is curved in an upward arch, with a waffle pattern underneath, which gives it a unique springy action.  The shape follows the contour of the human bone structure, supporting the medial, lateral and transverse arches, in the correct ratios for perfect balance.  The three quarter length allows freedom of movement in the forefoot and toes.


  1. Even distribution of weight throughout the foot and thus less weight and pressure on the bone structure.  Because the metatarsal arch is well supported and the toes are free, there is good push off from the ball of the foot – very important to runners and sports people.
  2.  Supporting all three arches simultaneously, prevents the foot rolling in or out (pronation and supination) thus aligning and holding the heel in a neutral position at all times – even during high level activities, such as sport.
  3. Spring and flexibility allow a pump action while walking, stimulating venous return and significantly improving blood circulation over the long term.
  4. The stretch and massage action of the Soft Step stimulates movement in the plantar fascia and deeper ligaments and tendons, increasing the strength and suppleness of the arch and subsequently the whole foot and ankle.
  5.  A correct centre of gravity realigns the entire musculoskeletal structure from the foot up to the head.


Sports injuries of the lower limbs rehabilitate much faster when using Soft Steps.

Diabetics benefit by having better blood circulation and ulcers are less likely to develop under their feet, because Soft Steps take pressure off the bone structure and distribute weight more evenly throughout the foot.

Soft Steps promote foot fitness in a unique way. Strong, supple, mobile feet mean greater endurance and better performance in sports, as well as relief from problems such as shin splints and ITB – well known, troublesome conditions experienced by many people with high activity levels.

Many different problems of the foot and posture are relieved, and often even eliminated, by promoting foot fitness and alignment.




  1. Support bone structure correctly
  2. Align foot and body posture
  3. Stimulate blood flow
  4. Light, flexible and comfortable
  5. Suitable for all sports and activities
  6. Hypoallergenic
  7. Durable – 10 to 15 years of use
  8. Washable and odour free
  9. Premade, individually fitted
  10. Fits in most shoes, including sandals


Relief For:


  1. Heel pain (plantar fasciitis and spurs)
  2. Backache
  3. Bunions, calluses and corns
  4. Hammertoes
  5. Dropped metatarsals
  6. High arches
  7. Flat feet
  8. Neuromas
  9. Shin splints and ITB
  10. Ankle, knee and hip problems caused by misalignment


Soft Steps are used by thousands of people all over the world, including medical practitioners, sports therapists, and professionals .Practitioners working with the balance and alignment of the musculoskeletal systems, find Soft Steps an incredible enhancement to their treatment of patients. Many have reported results previously unattainable and a level of client satisfaction which is of great value.

Soft Steps are premade, but individually fitted, completely comfortable, active and effective. They are suitable for all high level activities and sports, unrivalled in quality, design, durability, dynamics and results… Soft Steps are a Winner!




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