Spit Braai Hire Catering Alberton

Best Spitbraai Hire in Alberton! We prepare and deliver everything for you… you just be the Spit Braai Master! We also do Spitbraai Catering… the full package!

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Alberante Meat Market

Butchery Spit Braai Hire Alberton is synonomous with Alberante Meat Market.

Come and experience the best service, quality meat and the best biltong and drywors in town only @ ALBERANTE MEAT MARKET!

We offer:

Fresh and top quality only delicious meats in all forms & flavours
Regte egte for real BOEREWORS… made as Boerewors used to be…
Spit Braai Hiring; hire braai, plus Spit Meat, professionally prepared to perfectness
Spit Braai Catering; we do everything for you… you eat and enjoy!!
28 Day Matured Steaks… the best you will find anywhere!
Dry-Matured Steaks… you won’t believe this taste possible!
Biltong and Dry Wors.. come taste and agree –  the proof is in the pudding!
Home Cooked Meals – All done for you by our First-Class Master Chef
Platters… obviously containing some of the best and most delicious meat-snacks available
Free delivery in Alberton with orders of R 500 plus
Seafood. The best quality seafood available right in our  Alberton Butchery
Take Away. Delicious, lovingly-prepared take away meals, straight from our Butchery
Catering Equipment Hire Alberton
Meal Kit Delivery  –  you have to see this!
Friendly, professional local neighbourly Service!

Best Spitbraai Hire in Alberton! We prepare and deliver everything for you… you just be the Braai-Master!

We also do Spitbraai Catering… the full package; you and your guests sit back, get frustrated by the rugby and we will ensure a meal that you will remember for a long time… long after you’ve forgot the rugby results!

You have the following options:

Hire a Spit Braai, with the meat of your choice, specially prepared to perfection, and ready for you to braai
Spitbraai Hire, Meat and we do the Braai (only) for you; you tend to the rest.
Fullhouse Spit Braai Catering. We do the Spit, Meat, Side Dishes, Cutlery, Crockery…

Spitbraai Hire and Spit Braai Catering Alberton