Knysna Rises from the Ashes

The #KnysnaRises logo - showing the “Knysna Loerie rising from flames”.

Residents of Knysna and surrounding area launched a campaign to rebuild what was lost during the recent fires.

The logo was designed by Dominic Morel of 2Heads Advertising.

Knysna experienced one of the country’s worst natural disasters in June 2017 when wild fires tore through masses of land, destroying homes and causing thousands to evacuate.

Despite the emotional and economic backlash the area encountered as a result, the much-loved tourist destination is rising against the odds in pursuit of continuing to thrive, not only for residents but also for tourists.

The success of the annual Knysna Oyster Festival, mere weeks after the disaster, proves the extent to which #KnysnaRises – a fitting campaign by the town to encourage the community to keep hope alive and moving forward.

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