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Sophie's Properties - Specializing in properties in Brenton On Sea on the Garden Route in South Africa. Passionate about People and Real Estate!

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SP0032- Exclusive Mandate, House for sale, 485 Bitou Place, Breton-on-Sea

R1 950 000


SP0030 - Exclusive Instruction, Negotiable, House for Sale, 509 Silwerboom Place, Brenton-on-Sea

R5 250 000


SP0029 - Negotiable, Vacant land for sale, 578 Steenbras, Brenton-on-Sea

R1 500 000


SP0024 - House for sale, Brenton-on-Sea

R3 600 000


SP0019 Price drastically reduced! Negotiable, Land for sale, Steenbras street.

R1 300 000


SP0010 Negotiable, House for sale, Da Gama, Brenton-on-Sea

R2 850 000


SP0027 - Negotiable, House for sale, 620 Steenbras Street, Brenton-on-Sea

R4 200 000


SP0026 - Exclusive Mandate, Negotiable, House for sale, 2 Stinkhout Ave, Brenton-on-Sea

R3 200 000

About Sophie's Properties

"Let us take Control!"

Anything but Boring! At Sophie's Properties, dull and boring are not on the menu. Quirky cards, Marketing tools to be proud of, an Annual Calender that is in demand throughout South Africa, and a whole new way of doing things. At Sophie's Properties, we aim to take control and do it all!

We are sure that your buying and/or selling experience will be an adventure. Trust Sophie to do it all for you. Experience and great service are the cornerstones of this business.

So Call us today, give us your instruction, sit back.... and enjoy the ride!

We assure you that your best interests are always our main concern.

As everywhere there are many agents to choose from, so how do you as Buyers or Sellers make that choice? One major tip is to go with an Agent who 'takes the lead', who specializes in the area and who has a comprehensive knowledge of each and every property and their respective owners in this top end niche market.

Sophie of Sophie's Properties firmly believes that 'Real Estate is about People', and her 13-year career in property with the last 10 years being as a Resident Agent specializing in Brenton On Sea, speaks volumes.

Property is her passion and her chosen lifestyle, something she combines with her unique marketing skills, illustrated by her Motto of "Everything is about Personal Promotion, To be Pro-Active and To Be Different!" In this way Sophie is constantly available to her client, liaising with them on an ongoing basis, and looking after their personal interests whether they are buying or selling.

Selling from the Heart. Passionate about Real Estate!


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