Shim Stock Metals

Shim stock metals is a large supplier of various thin metal shim stock materials. These include stainless steel shim stock, brass and copper shim stock.

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We are a large supplier of 304 stainless steel shim stock, H65 brass shim stock as well as copper shim stock. We offer custom laser cutting and plasma cutting services to your requirements

Supplied shim stock industries include automotive, engineering and industrial companies. 
We also supply various pre-cut shims in stainless steel 304. All of our material is quality checked and batch chemical analysis tested this gives you the assurance that the material you receive is of the highest quality. 

Shim Stock Metals offers, together with our dedicated courier partner, nationwide delivery. 
We have also secured international shipping and currently supply customers worldwide. 

Our staff have the skills and expertise to help you process your order with a high level of service.