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Scrum Solutions are the only authorised program delivery partner of Scrum.Org providing Professional training and coaching in South Africa

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Professional Certification is owned by Scrum’s co-creator, Ken Schwaber and not governed by volunteers. It is a global consortium of people and organisations dedicated to improving the profession of software development. We work together in an emergent manner that uses frequent inspection and adaptation to improve quality.

Scrum.Org trainers are Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) who have been trained and vetted by and Ken Schwaber himself. They are experts in their field, and leverage the strength and experience of the entire trainer community. They are selected for their experience, ability to effectively train others, and their willingness to collaborate with and contribute to the greater trainer community.

Our courses are role-based; collaboratively maintained by almost 100 Scrum experts and cater for the various roles and levels needed from the basics to advance.


Scrum Solutions are the only authorised program delivery partner of Scrum.Org providing Professional training and coaching in South Africa.

Scrum Courses with Certification

The foundations of Scrum prepares students to begin effectively using Scrum immediately. This course lays the foundation of knowledge needed for other, more advanced training. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary to attend this course as it starts from the grass roots.

The Scrum Masters course offers a deep exploration of Scrum, the principles underlying the framework, and intermediate to advanced techniques for using Scrum well. The PSM is set at an Advanced level, preparing them to fulfill the role of Scrum Master & Coach within a Scrum Team.

The Scrum Product Owner course is specifically targeted to Product Owners and /or Executives and teaches how to maximize the return on investment (ROI) and optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of products and systems.

The Scrum Developer course (Java or .Net) caters to Architects, Business Analysts, DB Specialists, Designers, Developers and Testers. This program teaches students how to use modern software engineering practices to develop an increment of completed, potentially shippable functionality.

Workshops without Certification

1 day practical workshop on Agile Fundamentals 4 days of practical Scrum Boot Camp training (Basics to Intermediate) 1 day practical workshop focusing on User Stories and acceptance criteria 2 day practical workshop focusing on Planning and Estimating in Agile 2 day practical workshop focusing on all aspects of Testing in Agile For more information about Scrum Solutions, go to