The products are made from plant and herb extracts which means it is 100% natural!

Some active ingredients in this range:

Aloe Vera, Bigarade Orange, CLA, Evening Primrose, Fennel, Grape fruit extract, Green tea extracts, Juniper Berry, L-carnitien, Nicotinamite, Rosemary, Omega 3 and Yerba Mate.

The package lasts you 2 months. This is important, as it takes the metabolism 6 to 8 weeks to return to normal!

There is 4/5 products in the package plus a FREE DETOX:

DETOX: Start with the DETOX. It is specifically formulated to get rid of all the toxins in the body, and to prepare the body and make it receptive for the fat burner and metabolism enhancer in the Solution package. You might get a headache, but that is normal. Feel free to take a headache tablet. Take 2 teaspoons (10ml) late at night, swallow with a full glass of water. When the bottle is empty, start with the Solution course.
FAT BURNER: Drink it first thing in the morning, 10 drops in a teaspoon, and swallow with a full glass of water. Wait for 20 minutes, and then you can brush your teeth, have your tea/water and breakfast.
METABOLISM ENHANCER: Drink it last thing in the evening just before you go to bed, 10 drops in a teaspoon, and swallow with a full glass of water.
SUPTITE: Keeps you from feeling hungry. Drink 1 tablet mid-morning (10:00), and if necessary, again mid-afternoon. Swallow with a full glass of water. It has a strong fibre base which helps you to feel ‘full’. It also helps with the bowel system and contains 16 Amino Acids which enhances the metabolism.
SUPER BOOSTER: A product in both the Solution packages. This is to be used when your weight loss reaches a plateau. Stop using the Fat Burner and the Metabolism Enhancer and use only the Super Booster until finished (approximately three days). Take 20 drops in a teaspoon together with a glass of water five times a day, first thing in the morning, prior to each meal and before going to bed. Resume with the Fat Burner and Metabolism Enhancer thereafter.


There is a wonderful diet plan that comes with the package. It is specifically there to help enhance the metabolism.  You only measure your food in the beginning as to form an idea of the size of the portions. Then you can put the scale away! This is really not Tuna fish & salads, but plain everyday meals, with fruit and vegetables for the necessary vitamins and minerals.




Quick Cheat: Recommended to be in your bag at all times (especially on social occasions). This product is not going to let you lose weight, but is wonderful because it prevents that what you have eaten is converted to FAT! Take 10 drops on a teaspoon, and swallow with a full glass of water just BEFORE and AFTER your cheat meal!

Cellu-retic: This is added to the Solution 1 Package and is a gel which is used to improve lymphatic drainage and also prevents water retention. After a shower/bath, massage Cellu-retic on your thighs, abdomen, buttocks, ankles, under the arms and chin. Massage with long strokes from your hands upwards to your underarms as well as from your feet upwards to your hips. This aids the lymphatic drainage. If possible, lie down for twenty minutes with your feet raised above the level of your buttocks, and your hands above shoulder level. Repeat daily.


The products really are safe. We have clients with high blood pressure, diabetes and even breast-feeding moms.