Skin aging:

Menopause, hormones, medication etc. can play havoc with skin aging. The highest percentage though (studies shows more than 90%) of skin aging is due to environmental and lifestyle factors. Factors like the sun, pollution, diet, alcohol and smoking can be a big influence on premature aging; these free radicals are the main course of loss of elasticity and smoothness.

Derma-Nuis a reversionary and innovative internal skincare program. It is specifically formulated to work below the surface of the skin.

Normal skin lotions and creams only enter the top layer of the skin (epidermis). This leaves a short-term feeling of softness and suppleness. The real quality, resilience and overall appearance of the skin lies in the Dermis layer where the collagen and elastin fibers are.

Derma-Nu works beneath the surface of the skin. It takes 28 days for a new cell to get to the epidermis layer. Why not improve these cells’ condition to the best we can?  With the daily application of Derma-Nu serum, we can!


Application and dosage:

Derma-Nu Serum:  (25ml)

  • Apply the serum on a clean exfoliated skin. Massage gently with fingertips.
  • Wait for 5-10 min, and if necessary, use normal moisturiser.
  • Repeat at night time.