SAiCS Slimming and Cosmetic Products

No 1 slimming product in SA! Weight loss and cosmetic products. Safe to use for those who have high blood pressure, diabetes and breast-feeding mothers.

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S.M.A.R.T. - Drops, Sharpens mental powers & memory to a razor's edge!
APHRODITE, The product that puts the smile back on your face and the sparkle in your eye!
CELLU-RETIC, A gel to complete the body sculpture program – gets rid of cellulite and helps to combat water retention.
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SAiCS (Originally under the name The House of Aesthe) was established in 1991.

The South African Institute of Cosmetics and Slimming (SAiCS) has taken an all-embracing approach to the problems and pitfalls associated with weight management. Because of our fast-paced life style and consequent diverse eating habits, our metabolism sequence is disturbed, which leads to weight gain. After years of research, we are proud to offer a range of ALL NATURAL products to counter these problems.

SAiCS offers a 100% natural and affordable range of slimming, anti-aging, concentration and libido products.

Minimum order: R500