With over 10 years experience we believe Emcare are the leaders in Emergency Care and training.

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Ultimate Fire SA established company which offers various specialized services in the training sector, specialized services with regards to the Health and Safety Act, as well an extensive product range supplier for medical, emergency, fire, safety and security products. We have been in business since 2000 and are continually extending our services and products, to ensure we are the leaders in our industry. but we also have teams of certified agents around South Africa which ensure our services are readily available to all prospecting clients. We have proved that we provide an invaluable service to industry and commerce in the last 8 year. We also offer an extensive range of training courses aimed towards companies and individuals who need to comply with the Health and Safety Acts. These training courses include first aid training, health & safety training, and basic fire fighter training. To date we have trained over thirty thousand people in various life saving skills. We also provide specialized medical services, which include medical standbys for special events where paramedics and emergency vehicles and equipment are required
To add, we also assist companies with consulting services which ensure they comply with the health and safety acts.