Swimming Pool

Our Farm Swimming Pool is completed today. Thanks to my Father in law, two helpers and my husband the swimming pool is now completed and the water is running in.

It is a huge pool 8 x 4 meters and will be used for irrigation too.

We are going to have a braai right next to the pool tonight, do not think the water is warm enough for swimming, for the wind is blowing real nasty here at present.

There is still loads more work to do, as we plan to pave the area surrounding the pool to be albe to keep it clean. We will also have to make windshield have not yet decided what to do to help prevent all dust getting into the pool.

The old store right infront of the house is also attended too. It looks so much better, we plan to plant ivy to cover the walls and give some colour we have a yellow creeper that will be planted there too.

Plants needed to be planted

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