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MRS Corp (Pty) Ltd - Resource Events® Bedouin tent sales and Hire. Worldwide seller and manufacturer of Bedouin tents or Stretch tents.

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Resource Events - MRS Corporation (Pty) Ltd a company that specializes in the manufacturing and sales of Bedouin tents inclusive of all rigging accessories.

All our tents are made from and strong, high tensile and stretchable fabric. Treated against fungal or parasites that damage the fabric, compatible with any weather, UV resistant and 100% waterproof.

From its etymology, Bedouin tents are all from an era of nomads or Bedouin people, creating temporary shelter wherever they went! Today creativity has made the Bedouin style of sheltering an innovative canopy or awning cover to celebrating whilst keeping the magnificence and beauty of the day. 

Resource Events manufactures and hire Bedouin tents within the Republic of South Africa and sell worldwide.

Our High quality Bedouin stretch tent can be custom made or made with its regular square shape. About the durability of the fabric, if kept as per the required terms of use, it can last up to 5 years depending on how it is used. 

Weatherproof Tents able to stand exposure to rain and wind without damage, very creative, stylish and designed to depict quality and excellence.

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