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Pure India serves clients in a wide selection of clothing, Ayurveda, incense, healing teas and essential oils and cosmetic skin creams

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A Warm welcome awaits you at 9 Grey Street Knysna, SA.

India, Nepal and the Himalayas is offering a wide selection of pure cotton or silk clothing proudly made by hand with a touch of ethnic embroideries and printed mystical symbols of the musical tones of the rainbow with jackets, long and short sleeve tops, t-shirts, pants, Yoga clothing, scarves, headbands and pashminas.

Ayurveda deals elaborately with measures of healthful living throughout the entire life span of one’s life with its various phases, Ayurveda maintains a balance of three elemental energies, it is believed that it is building a healthy metabolic system, attaining good digestion and proper excretion which leads to vitality. Ayurveda emphasizes a re-established balance in the body through a proper diet, lifestyle, exercise and regular body cleansing, all of that could lead to a healthy body, mind and a living spirit.

Awaken the senses with a wide selection of incenses, spices, essential oils and teas, a treat for the taste buds and the lovely fragrance of natural aromas extracted from the plants surrounding us, ancient healing and a relaxed atmosphere awaits you

Cosmetic skin creams direct from the Himalayas to pamper your body plus shampoos and conditioners for protection and strength against all-weather exposures. Expand your knowledge and understanding by selecting the books you like best from our bookshelf, it might fend off a cold winters night. Pure India also has pure henna for hair, body and nails.

Silver, Crystals and Gemstones carefully crafted into jewelry and a selection of rings, necklaces, bangles and bindis is available on site, artifacts’ to represent firmness, statues and rosaries which enable a sanctuary of sacredness. Comfort the sense of sound with a selection of meditation, chant and yoga Cd`s and DVD`s.