Pet Buddies Durbanville

Pet shop Durbanville. Juwel Aquariums.Corn Snakes Ball Pythons King sanakes and more Reptile food.Marine Fish.Bosch dog Food. Tropical fish

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Pet Buddies stocks a wide variety of products for most pets with an emphasis on tropical and marine fish,aquariums and reptiles.

We have the follwing:

Tropical fish (over 40 tanks)

Fish food and accesories. We stock Tetra and others

Marine fish and corals

Reptiles including Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes, King Snakes, Red Tail Boa Constictor ,Veiled Chameleons, Green tree python and we can source a lot more.Just ask.

Hand Reared Birds from Love birds and Cockatiels to African Greys and other Parrots

Bird Cages , Bird food ( Animal Zone, Avi Plus, ect)

Bunnies and hamsters

We don't have dogs or cats but we have all you need for them. Dog kennels, dog beds, collars, leaches, Ostrich dog treats, Dog toys, cat scratching posts, cat toys, and lots more.

Dog Food.

We stock montego and lifestyle and our Premium Brand BOSCH DOG AND CAT FOOD.

Bosch is manufactured in Germany under the strictest controll using only quality ingredients. It has been scientificly developed and is the largest pet food manufacturer in Europe. Bosch is a family business and has been makng dog food for over 50 years. Their products have many quality certificates and their food has been rated fit for human consumption. To view these and more you can go to their website .