Outeniqua Moon Percheron Stud and Guest Farm

Outeniqua Moon is a Guest Farm and Percheron Stud Farm situated at the foot of the Robinson Pass, 20 minutes drive from Mosselbay.

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This magical 100 hectare mountain farm is guaranteed to take away all those inner city blues and delight the whole family, young and old. Step out of your door and into a beautiful world of mountains, birds and horses, with fabulous carriage drives; tours and hiking/mountain bike trails on the farm and in the area. It is home to the biggest horses in South Africa. Outeniqua Moon is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Percheron breed, who are the gentle giants of the horse world. Take a tour around the farm, and meet these majestic creatures while learning about their history, and the threats they are facing in our modern world of machinery. Take a carriage drive to a beautiful lookout point over the Leeukloof Valley, or simply sit on the veranda and enjoy tea or coffee, homemade cakes, or delicious light lunches. There is nothing quite so rewarding as knowing that you have spent some time in the company of these giant horses, these lords of life, and knowing that you have participated in the ancient kinship between horses and humans. We all need at times to touch the timelessness of life; to be still and at peace on the eternal stage. At Outeniqua Moon surrounded by great mountains and giant horses and the exquisite freedom of sun birds, where serenity is a tangible thing, it is possible to glimpse through the hours that brilliant permanence which gives meaning to our transient lives and shines through everything. Booking is essential.