Oom Schalk se slaghuis Phalaborwa

Oom Schalk se slaghuis provide only A - class meat : Lamb /Beef/ Pork and Chicken & the best Biltong in town. We have the best personalized service in town...

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Oom Schalk se slaghuis opened its doors for the first time on 29 January 2016 in Phalaborwa and it was a huge success. We are committed to providing custmers with a variety of the best quality meat available, pre-packed & meat over the counter. We also have a variety of simply delicious different boerewors flavours available for you to choose from. Our two butchers Schalk and Johan have years of experience in the meat Industry. This means that we can provide our customers with the best personalized service. We are a retail butchery group placing a strong emphasis on providing the best quality meat at a good price for our customers. We are just around the corner from the Kruger National park, we can vacuum pack your meat for your stay in the Kruger National Park. We  also make the best biltong / chillie bites / droewors in town. 

We are famous for our huge range of different boerewors flavours. Our boerewors is made from only the finest spices and ingredients available on the market. Here is some of our flavours: Sosatie boerewors, Fetta cherry boerewors, Garlic boere wors & many more.. 

Our customers know good quality meat and related products and are prepared to pay a fair price for good A-class meat. We firmly believe that when you shop with us you are shopping at the best butcher shop in town. Our customers claim that oom Schalk se slaghuis is the only butcher shop where they will buy all their meat product in the future.

Did you go Game  / Venison Hunting & do not know where to take your meat? 

Game processing is our speciality and our two butchers are well trianed to ensure that the carcass from your hunt is processed according to your requirements. Please contact us for more details.