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Oom Schalk se slaghuis is situated just around the corner from the Kruger National Park / Phalaborwa gate. You can get your meat products from Oom Schalk se slaghuis for your stay in the Kruger National Park. We vacuum pack your meat for you so that your meat can stay fresh. 

At Oom Schalk se slaghuis all biltong products are traditionaly made in the butcher shop. You can choose your own biltong at Oom Schalk se slaghuis according to your liking for example. with fat / no fat  dry / little bit wet. We make the best biltong in town. 

Oom Schalk se slaghuis only provide A-class meat products to the high standard of pre-packed and over the counter meat products. Our pre-packed meat products are convenient for those who are always in a hurry and can not wait for meat to be cut. 

We are a retail butchery group placing a strong emphasis on providing the best quality meat at a fair price. If you have more specific meat requirements our staff will gladly cut & weigh your choice of meat according to your instructions. 

  • Oom Schalk se slaghuis is famous for a huge range of different boerewors flavours. Our boerewors is made from only the finest spices and ingredinets available on the market.
  • Boerewors flavours available: Sosatie wors, Fetta cheese cherry wors, Garlic wors and many more...
  • Oom Schalk se slaghuis is managed by two experienced  butchers with many years of experience in the Meat Industry, Schalk & Johan. We provide personalized service to our clients at all time. Our customers know good quality meat and related products and are prepared to pay a fair price for good A-grade meat products. We firmly believe that when you shop with us, you are shopping at the best butchery shop in Phalaborwa and our customers claim that Oom Schalk se slaghuis is the place they will buy their meat products from.
  • We have a variety of meat packs availabe to choose from example:  Double Pack, Week Pack, Mini Pack, Maxi Pack & Family Pack.