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OFFSHORE WORX is a Maritime / Oil & Gas Training & Development Agency

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We are a logistical support firm providing a portfolio of services to the Oil and Gas industries. We specialize in Human Resources and Training. Through our partner network and personal reputation in the market, we are able to provide highly-qualified manpower to the Industry.

Our objective is to supply the necessary training and requirements for candidates to obtain entry level placement in the Offshore Industry.

We support and contribute to the advancement of Individuals who require further training, and scope for advancement.

We select candidates who give you the rate of return you’re seeking from your investment in people. At Offshore Worx, we understand the blend of formal skills, field experience and personal attributes required in your industry.

We identify personnel who are not only suitably qualified or have the aptitude to be trained, but who also have what it takes to work in often remote, inhospitable regions and challenging environments.

We focus strongly on the health and safety aspects of the industry. When required, we deliver international, industry standard training so you can have full confidence in the staff we place.You need a structured approach.

At OFFSHORE WORX we offer the service of being able to assist you in identifying the correct approach, training at accredited and Industry recognized Institutions, meeting all agency requirements and marketing your portfolio within the Industry on an ongoing basis throughout your offshore career. We have limited our membership and therefore do not over extend ourselves within the demand of the market, membership is limited to set conditions, and a screening takes places before acceptance.



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    We are a logistical support firm providing a portfolio of services to the Oil...

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