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Mobile Computer Repairs

Is your computer slow, sluggish or simply not working? Are you faced with the blue (or black) screen of death?!

RELAX!... Put down the hammer!... that's it... put it down... Ok, now step away from the computer. Good. Stay away from it AND any other object that can possibly inflict damage apon your computer, your co-workers, your self, your ego or your back pocket for the next few minutes. NOW...

Pick up the phone and call me - Mobile Computer Repairs.

I will come over and take care of your computer errors (or operator problems!) for you with my years of experience (and of coarse my 'generation X' genetics!) while you relax and take care of more important matters like putting the hammer back in the tool box and getting on with work. 

As an experienced mobile Computer Technician and IT Professional I can take care of all your computer repair needs, network problems, network installations, wireless networks, internet installations, internet problems, virus removal, data recovery, backups, spyware removal or any generally bad behaving slow and aggravating computer related problems. 

I charge 'fair time' for the work done and won't let you pay extra for time spent waiting for the computer to do it's thing (long downloads, installations, formatting etc.) while I wait. If the job may take long due to things the computer needs to do on its own and you are happy with it I can always take the machine with me so I can let it do it's thing while I get on with my work or I can leave and return when the computer is ready, saving you money. 

My rates are affordable. I charge hourly with a small call out fee depending on where you are just to cover my transport expenses. 

Don't sweat it. Call me and I will come to your aid promptly.


I do have a hammer if you don't have one... just sayin'...

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Wiki Weather

Western Cape, George Weather Station

Scattered clouds
  • Scattered clouds
  • Temperature: 17 °C
  • Wind: Variable from North-Northeast to East-Southeast, 13 km/h
  • Pressure: 1022 hPa
  • Rel. Humidity: 72 %
  • Visibility: 10 km
Location of this weather station:
61.3 km West

Reported on:
Thu, 2014-04-24 11:00

Location Address

Street: In and around


Western Cape

South Africa

34° 2' 7.0044" S
23° 2' 48.6564" E

or: -34.035279, 23.046849

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