Awesome Success Stories for 2015 MELT AWAY

We are so pround and inspired by these people taking their health seriously

Congratulations to:

  1. Penny  43kg in 4 months - welldone so proud of you
  2. Francois  23.3kg in 3 months - welldone
  3. Rowhan 13 kg in 2 months
  4. Tanya  6 kg in 8 dae
  5. Bonita 13kg in 2 months
  6. Estelle 33kg in 5 months
  7. Esna 12kg in 1 month

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Inbox my of los boodskappie asb.


Melt away dis die maklikste en veiligste manier.Jy kies tussen inspuiting of n pil opsie, en verloor tot 15kg in n maand.

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Iza Van Niekerk.