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Melt Away West Cape, the diet that helps you achieve lifelong results we do postal orders around the globe.

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  • Melt Away helps you lose up to 6 kg in one week!
  • Melt Away is a unique formulated diet that consist of natural products.
  • Melt Away has helped thousands of people reach there goal weight and keep the weight off.
  • Melt Away is based on a high Protein, Low Carb Plan. It ultimately becomes a lifestyle.
  • Melt Away prevents cravings and prevents you from feeling starved and hungry.

A monthly package consist of a Injection that can be replaced with a pill to suppress cravings , dietary supplements to replace any lost vitamins and minerals and a syrup that provides energy and prevents fatigue.

Melt Away is safe and may be used by men and woman, melt away is perfect for diabetics and for people that does not exercise and lives a busy life.

It’s convenient and the recipes is family friendly and healthy.

Always consult your doctor or nutritional professional before beginning any diet.


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