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High quality , approved, dog food at wholesale prices delivered to your door.

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Almost everyone loves dogs and most of us would love to one or more dogs playing happily in our garden and helping to keep watch as well. Every dog lover also wants their dogs to be happy and healthy, so we buy the best, and healthiest dog food for that we can afford. And of course that is often the problem: the ever increasing cost of top quality dog food. I was shocked to see that my favourite brand of vetenary approved dog food is now more than R650.00 for a 25kg bag!

Luckily for me I found someone who is marketing one of the best, approved dog foods, directly to my house, cutting out so many of the costs. I was so impressed by this idea, and by the dog food, that I am now offering it to all dog lovers in the Greater Sedgefield area and not at R650 a bag either! I will have your dog food supplies delivered directly to you and for only R95 for an 8kg, R110.00 for a 10kg bag and ONLY R250.00 for that 25kg bag that would otherwise have cost you R650.00 or more!

You should try bag and see how much your dog loves, and your budget too!

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