Maleen Nokel International Costume Designer

Costume Designer for Feature Films, Theatre, Opera, Musical Live Shows, Television and Advertising Films.

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WAKE OF DEATH - (expl. Action)

An example for Action Movies. See attached PDF Files Costume Design & Character Treatment and Film Images as well as Movie Trailer. WATCH THE MOVIE

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YES WE CAN (Expl. Contemporary Ethnic)

A French TV comedy for Arte France is example for Contemporary Ethnic Costume Designs. See attached PDF File "Costume Design Treatment" and "Documented Costume Design Realizations" with movie images.

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IL CONSOLE ITALIANO (Expl. Contemporary)

An example for Contemporary Movies. The Italian drama is taking place in Cape Town South Africa. See attached PDF Files: Costume & Character Treatment, Documented Film Images and Movie Trailer....

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TROPENFIEBER II - Mary Kingsley unter Kannibalen (Expl. Period & Ethnic)

A documentary series for the German TV channel ZDF about Mary Kingsley’s travels to Africa in the 19’s century. An example for Period Movies as well as for Ethnic Movies. The film starts in London UK...

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MALEEN NÖKEL International Costume Designer.

Maleen Nökel is an international Costume Designer in the FILM INDUSTRY and SHOW BUSINESS: Feature Films, Television, Advertising Films and Live Shows; in Europe her career includes Theatre as well. She is currently based in Cape Town South Africa. Costume Design by Maleen Nokel includes apart from character creation realizations of costume designs upon her own design sketches/paintings.The fabrication of costumes she does where ever manufacturing is technically and financially to its best advantage.

Reference examples representing her work:

MOVIES FEATURES & TELEVISION including Film Images, Costume Design, & Costume/Character Treatment (PDF):

  • WAKE OF DEATH Action Movie
  • Il CONSOLE ITALIANO Contemporary Movie
  • SHIRLEY ADAMS (SAFTA Award Best Costume Designer)
  • ASAD Ethnic Movie (Tribeca Award)
  • WAGNIS IM DSCHUNGEL Period & Ethnic TV Series ZDF Germany
  • YES WE CAN Contemp. & Ethnic Movie Canal+ France
  • LE RAINBOW WARRIOR Period Movie Canal+
  • LEGACY OF STEEL Science Fiction Movie
  • JACK OF HEARTS 48 Hour Movie Competition (Nomination Costumes & Production Design)
  • MOBSTER GANG TV Series National Geographics US
  • FIRST PEOPLE TV Series National Geographic US

ADVERTISING FILMS incl. Movie Clips & Treatment (PFD):

  • AUSONIA Contemporary (Spain)
  • PRINCE POLO Period (Poland)
  • MTN Ethnic (African Continent & Middle East)
  • SALON COTRANS Creative (Reunion)
  • ORIJIN Contempory Ethnic

SHOW BUSINESS including Film Images & Costume Design Costume/Art Direction Treatment (PDF):

  • VISIONS Word Tour Live Shows
  • PIRATES OF DANCE Word Tour Live Shows
  • VAMPIRES ALIVE Word Tour Live Shows
  • FANTASY Word Tour Live Shows
  • DANCING LAS VEGAS Word Tour Live Shows
  • CIRCUS World Tour Live Shows
  • MYSTORIAL World Tour Live Shows


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