The Passionate 4 PE Campaign

Welcome to the Magic Road Sign

The application you are about to experience is foremost a tourism application but it is also a tailor-made business application. It has huge potential for storing and sharing wiki pages as well as general website content generated by the Wiki Village content management System.    

The Passionate 4 PE Campaign   

The Passionate 4 PE is a Magic Road Sign tourism initiative. Similarly we believe that business is integral to tourism and therefor it is integral to the proposed campaign. What prompted us to embark on this initiative was the public call for realigning Port Elizabeth as a first class tourism destination.

 Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism

Having said that we were impelled to take another look at what Nelson Mandela Bay offers its visitors to the city. In our honest opinion the state of Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism is at an all-time high. It is functional, professional friendly and above all it is resourceful.

It is from this point of view that the Magic Road Sign Company requests to share allied ideas regarding an internet application that would have far reaching benefits for Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism.

This current request is not the first time our company pursues collaboration with Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism. About three to four years ago we presented a business plan under the auspices Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and the Port Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce. At that occasion we proposed the installation of strategically placed tourism touch screens throughout the metropolitan area. For that occasion our company Wiki Village purchased a dedicated tourism touch screen at the cost of R36 000 per unit. It dawned on us that the touch screen units would not only be prohibitively expensive but also the safety of the expensive units might be problematic. The test touchscreen in question is currently on loan to Tourism Sedgefield.

 It was an expensive exercise but the proverbial silver lining dictates that ideas transform for the better. And so it is with ingenuity and the omnipresent drawing board we go back to for inspiration and collaboration.

The Magic Road Sign becomes a reality.

Six months ago we embarked on a development that was not only effective in its application but also intriguing to engage in. This application became known as the Magic Road Sign. What the App does is to use your geographical location from where the system offers users resources in close proximity of usable electronic content.