Lumpy Mail Marketing

Lumpy Mail is a clever marketing strategy for distributing low cost gifts and Souvenirs at events. The strategy is commonly used in the events industry. The products are distributed by means of handouts at functions or alternatively by general mail and other means at your disposal.

The alternative to Lumpy Mail is flat mail and by comparison it is no match for the Real McCoy. This truly is the genuine article for this competitive arena.

By no means is flat mail consigned to the garbage bin. It has creative potential indeed. If you really have to use the flat option, do not stuff the entire sales letter into your envelope. Leave a small tag sticking out from the envelope and no-one will suspect foul play. Sooner or later, out of curiosity, the recipient will be scratching at the envelope. And that is the objective.      

But the crux of the matter remains that flat mail is inherently flawed. It is at odds with the primary objective as it carries not enough substance or bulk to excite a potential recipient.

Why then this issue with mail in general?

People simply do not read their mail thoroughly. They receive too much of it and most end ups up on the garbage dump. Exacerbating the issue is that spam type snail mail has a signature identity. The recipient knows instinctively what to expect should the mail be opened.

In this respect Lumpy mail remains the obvious choice. Sure it is a bit more expensive when running a campaign but the effect is explosive when properly deployed. Still there remains an important element for the campaign to be successful. The Lumpy mail gifts must have an inherent or useful value. And the more its value lingers the more its value to the recipient.

The Magic Road Sign resides squarely within this unique niche market. 

Therefor the Magic Road Sign positions itself in the events industry in South Africa, but is currently focusing on Port Elizabeth. Its products are all interactive with the emphasis on the Magic Road Sign.

This product actually does something that offers value. It aggregates your website content and literally stuffs it into a plastic container half the size of your hand. Still it does more. It is also a navigational tool that tells you where you are.

This is the ultimate Lumpy product for stuffing keepsakes into gift baskets at events.