Serious Business Maintenance Need someone to regularly update your deals, events and marketing. Terms and Conditions apply


Serious Business  Maintenance

This plan is for people with more than one business and full marketing requirements.

Benefit of our Maintenance Contracts

  • Pay less Annual payment in advance once off cost R6000.00
  • Save time - when you do request and update or change work can be done asap.
  • Without a maintenance agreement you will need to request an quote and pay the invoice before work starts
  • Reduce banking charges and bookkeeping fees

Services Includes

Any combination of these services are covered in the maintenance agreement.

  • Marketing using blogging and social media sharing
  • Uploading and removal of photo's
  • Uploading and removal of Events
  • Uploading and removal of Deals
  • Activating of apps - excludes the prize of the App.
  • Setup and training
  • Blogging
  • Administrating Members .
  • Profile update and address changes
  • Social Media Sharing

Terms and Conditions apply

  • This plan as it offers real value to serious businesses that need marketing and technology to work for them
  • Pay R6000 for the full year or R580.00 per month.
  • Max of 24 updates per year.
  • A Total of 24 request are covered in this plan exceeding the amount you will be required to either go with the Pay as you go service of min R250.00 per request or the next maintenance level.
  • Choosing the next level you will only pay the difference between your current plan and the next level rates.
  • The minimum rate of R250¬† for non maintenance contracts applies
  • Apps need to be paid infull before activating