Kupu uses QR Technology the most effective and affordable online option converting your business into a full screen digital business card for multiple devices.

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Social Media Marketing driving traffic to your website and visitors to your doorstep
R2 500
Pay as you Go We realise from time to time you would need assistance with keeping your profile updated. Terms and Conditions do apply
Lite Maintenance for Small and informal businesses. 1 Year agreement paid upfront discounted prise. Terms and conditions apply.
R1 200
Recommended Magic Maintenance Let us keep your site active and up to date. Terms and conditions apply.
R2 400
Serious Business Maintenance Need someone to regularly update your deals, events and marketing. Terms and Conditions apply
R6 000
  • For Businesses.

Simply put through QR technology we converts your business information into a QR Code. This QR Code tells far more than just your precise position . It tells the visitor who and what your have to offer. Our system is unlimited to what you can offer. It also tells who and what is around you and what those businesses offers.

We recommend you use photos and videos to standout from the competition, sharing to social networks from this profile will create needed activity to  increase your search engine ranking.

Quick Response technology is your digital full screen Business Card saved on your potential customers smartphone with one simple scan. It is the "GREEN" option to printed business cards and less likely to end up in thrash basket.

NOTE: If your business content does not show it means you have not yet given it to your local agent and you could be loosing potential bussines.

We believe tourist needs every busines and service in town such as :  legal, medical, tyres and financial services and not just the selected few pertaining to tourism: eat, sleep, drink, things to do and things to see.

" QR Codes help businesses take their business to the next level in customer service."

  • For the Visitors

Simply put through QR technology converts your smartphone into a 3D GPS apparatus. However it tells you much more than just your current position . It tells you who and what else you can do around you. We specialise in giving you those extra needful information right at your finger tips such as distance, operating hours, contact details, disability friendly all on one easy to use platform. Visitors can also watch videos, slideshows the latest deals and events, the weather, exact drving directions, with a press of a button you can make call direct, share to your favorite social media sites.

" QR Codes help people help themselves and spread the love."

Where do we start?

It all starts with Contacting Kupu today and we will get you Registered and up an running in no time.  We are ready to take your business to the next level. Call today, become part of the local community, create traffic to your excisting website link and  your social media sites. No need for technical experience we spesialize in technology and love to take care of your business leaving you free to do what you do best - Business.

KUPU will be visiting the West Coast towns but if you can see the value in this application please contact us for priority attention.

We are looking for individuals that has the following  interests for freelance assignment.

  • passion for local town tourism,
  • journalistic and
  • photograpy

KUPU Services / Deals:

  • Content rich information profiles includes QR Codes, Photo's, Video's
  • Socail Media Marketing using your Wiki to generate traffic to your website and doorstep
  • Setup and Manage Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Training on how to maintain and update your Wiki
  • Magic Road Signs
  • Communicator systems for chain stores
  • Event application and setup
  • Marketing
  • Deals application setup
  • Support
  • Sponsorship and Donations





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