Kleinn Building Contractors

We offer services in construction work from building of new properties , renovations ,property remodelling ,maintenance of domestic and commercial buildings

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Kleinn Building Contractors was started in 2007 as a small renovation company with the intention of growing into one of the leading companies in the construction industry. By doing small renovations and later sub-contracting for various Building Contractors, we learned all the basics of construction and later put all our efforts into larger contracts.

Kleinn Contractors started looking into other sections of the construction industry and later also specialized in concrete works , property remodelling and landscaping .

With all the experience that we gained through the years, Kleinn Contractors was ready to take on all the other key players in the industry and registered as a legal entity early in 2012 Trading as Klein Services.

Kleinn Building Contractors is now an established company with a good track record of completed projects in the building industry including references that we earned through our comprehensive services to our clients .

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