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KEMPSTON MOTORS in Knysna is your local General Motors dealer, get the latest Chevrolet, Opel or Isuzu from us.

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Welcome to KEMPSTON MOTORS in Knysna, the best available assistance will be offered to all requiring our services and advice, it is our duty to assist you in making the right choice when selecting your dream Chevrolet, Opel or Isuzu

Now, whatever life brings, you can approach it with Total Confidence. A special package of services from GMSA(KEMPSTON MOTORS Knysna) designed to help keep your hard-earned vehicle investment secure, and your family safe. Best of all, there's nothing to add or order. It comes with every new Chevrolet, Opel and Isuzu vehicle. So starting now, you're free to shop, own and drive GMSA with Total Confidence. KEMPSTON MOTORS in Knysna abides by these statements for your convenience.

The after-sales services at KEMPSTON MOTORS in Knysna is of outstanding quality, we have highly qualified technicians in our very well equipped workshop to assure your vehicle receives the right treatment. We do offer roadside assistance to people using our products.