Karen Landman

Simply Younique finishing school is a modern day finishing and modeling school in Ballito.

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At Simply-YOUnique,we emphasize good ethics, to reach and respect all core values of others, we are not perfect and we are not teaching perfection, we're teaching poise and grace, manners, respect and character. Young ladies learn how to apply make-up for a light, natural look. We teach our classes at LaMontagne, in a relaxing, friendly environment. We also teach etiquette, sitting properly with good posture and poise, as well as to walk classic and with elegance. We also take our young ladies to a restaurant to practice their new found skills. The programme also teaches them to dress for success, grooming and about personal hygiene. We also do photoshoots and promotional work. In between all of this we do outreach programmes, self-defense and public safety, ramp modelling, fashion shows, dancing, public speaking and lots more. For more information email Karen@simply-younique.co.za