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Why Laser (IPL) Hair Removal Makes Sense

Stray hairs can be undesirable and embarrassing, or just plain unsightly. So by getting rid of the problem once and for all by using Laser (IPL) Hair Removal for especially the bikini line can be a very attractive proposition. You can also consider which kind of bikini line you want done: The regular bikini line will get rid of all the hair that falls outside the area of a brief bathing suit. The French bikini line leaves only a vertical “landing strip” in the front. And the Brazilian bikini gets rid of all the hair in the area, front and back, so that even the briefest of briefs and thongs will never show the slightest wisp of hair.

Laser (IPL) Hair Removal procedures (especially the bikini line & under arms for ladies) are done for a number of reasons: Bathing suits, lingerie, and even athletic clothing has become briefer today than ever before and looking well-groomed can be challenging. Maintaining the bikini line by using other methods, such as waxing and shaving, is possible but it is a recurring, painful hassle. There is also the problem of painful, itchy and irritating ingrown hair in the bikini line area, which can happen with waxing, tweezing and shaving, but not with Laser (IPL) Hair Removal.

For all of these reasons, Laser (IPL) Hair Removal procedures are gaining popularity among men and women alike. Hair Removal is my # 1 most requested service. Gone are the days when people still want to have hair in the bikini zone. Laser (IPL) Hair Removal is among the most effective type of hair removal, plus the most important factor is that it is a permanent process. Once you have completed a treatment program, you will be happy and carefree knowing unwanted hair in your bikini area is a thing of the past. Laser (IPL) Hair Removal is a medically approved method of permanent hair reduction, which can be used on any part of the body.

We often treat men with Laser (IPL) Hair Removal and can treat ALL areas and ALL skin types!

Male grooming: In recent years men have started to take grooming seriously and no longer are it taboo for gents to look after themselves. In the current economic climate looking fresh and young helps you to keep ahead of the game.

Areas which can be treated include; the back, shoulders, beard area, buttocks and the infamous back, sack & crack! We can also do a male bikini line to tidy up any unruly areas.