Inquinne Trading - Electrical Contractors Alberton: Electric fences

With the new regulations regarding the installation of electric fences, you as a homeonwer has a few responsiblities which are very important. Here at Inquinne Trading we also install electric fences and can also assist you in regards with the new regulations and rules.

Your responsibilities

The regulations are quite clear on your responsibilities as a homeowner:

1. You have to have proper warning signs on your property to caution all visitors. These signs must be visible from the pavement and your driveway.

2. Your electric fence must not hang over into the neighbouring property.

3. You must have a certificate of compliance issued by a registered electric-fence installer.

4. You will need to provide an electric-fence certificate of compliance if you choose to sell your property.

The national standard

According to Live Wire Electric Fencing, the following criteria are currently in place for electric fences:

1. The minimum wall height of a private property to be secured with an electric fence is 1.8m.

2. Upright brackets may be used without any height restriction.

3. Brackets can be angled at not more than 45 degrees out and must be installed on the inside of the boundary wall.

4. You are not allowed to angle brackets into your neighbour’s property without their knowledge or consent.

5. Barbed wire or razor wire fences should not be electrified.

6. Fences along a pathway or public road must be identified with yellow warning signs every 10m.

7. The gate should open and close without shocking the person operating the gate.

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