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Save Money on Your Airconditioner's Running Cost

As summer approaches, now is a great time to get your airconditioner in tip top shape so that it can function at its best while you save money in the process. As your airconditioner's energy consumption makes up 40% of all the energy used in your home or office, it will definitly be worth it to follow a few simple no cost tips to ensure your device is working properly while you save money as well.

Tip # 1:

Shade your outdoor airconditioner unit if possible to improve its efficiency by 5-10%.

Tip # 2:

Ensure outdoor airconditioner unit is free from leaves and debris.

Tip # 3:

Keep your airconditioner's filters clean. When cleaning the filters, follow all instructions in the manual when doing so. An annual airconditioner service lowers running costs and produces healthier air.

Tip # 4:

Use 'economy' mode on your remote control.

Tip # 5:

Set your airconditioner thermostat to 24-25 degrees for cooling and 18 degrees for heating. Every degree of extra cooling can increase energy consumption by 5-10%.

Tip # 6:

Use a ceiling fan in conjunction with your airconditioner. When using a ceiling fan, you can raise your thermostat by two degrees to save approximately 20% on your cooling costs.

Tip # 7:

Ensure that the area to cool or heat is as small as possible and enclosed. Make sure all windows and doors are closed to isolate the area. This will ensure that the airconditioner will heat/cool the room quicker and be more efficient. When entering a closed area, open all windows and doors for five minutes first to expell all the hot air and then turn on the airconditioner.

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