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Energy saving tips for your dishwasher

Every night after the the 7 o'clock news, we are confronted with the electricity usage of the day. We are also taught which electrical items to use at what time of the day to put less pressure on the electricity usage of the country. We are advised to use our dishwasher later at night when usage are not under such great pressure.

Here at Inquinnè Trading, we believe in saving electricty and doing our bit to help you, our customers to do the same.

Here are a few tips that will help you to save electricity while using your dishwasher:

- Always try to run the dishwasher when fully loaded to save energy.

- Use the air-dry cycle when drying the dishes.

- Avoid using the "rinse hold" setting on your dishwasher. This setting uses much more hot water for each use, and heating water takes extra energy.

- Use short cycles for everything but the dirtiest dishes. Short cycles use less energy and work just as well.

- If you rinse dishes before loading them, use cold water. Don't waste water by letting it run continously either.

- Install your dishwasher away from your refrigerator. The dishwasher's heat and moisture make the refrigerator work harder, wasting energy in the process.

Inquinnè Trading can help you to install, maintain or repair your dishwasher, just give us a call. We hope you found these tips usefull.

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