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How to save money on electric hot water - Using a Geyser Timer

Here at Inquinnè Trading, our main priority is to help you, our customers and all other consumers to save electricity. Saving energy is today's number one priority in South Africa. For most businesses and households, the high cost of electricity is forcing us to adopt new habits. We have to reduce our energy spending, not only because of the exorbitant costs, but also due to the ever present danger of Load Shedding. If we don't start saving urgently we will all pay, in darkness.

This is our second blog on using a geyser timer on your geyser. That is how important it is to us at Inquinnè Trading, that you realise how much energy a geyser uses and how you can save by using a timer. Besides saving energy, a geyser timer will also help reduce the overall load on Eskom's electricity grid. That's why Eskom requests that home owners switch off their geysers during peak demand hours (17:00 to 21:00), and when going on holiday

However, switching the geyser off and on manually is not a good practice because circuit breakers are not designed to be switched often. They will eventually break and they are costly to replace. You will also forget to switch the geyser on when you have to and will end up having a cold shower.

In most households, geysers are the number one consumers of electricity. They can account for up to 43% of the electricity bill so they are obviously the main item to immediately focus on when trying to save electricity. Install a programmable geyser timer and you will see immediate results, on your monthly electricity bill.

Some knowledgeable people will tell you that switching off the geyser for most of the day, will not have any noticeable effect on your overall electricity consumption. The easiest way to find out is to try it yourself. It is that easy, just perform the following test and then decide for yourself.

1. Note the reading on your meter, at a predetermined time of the day (say, 6am).

2. The next day note the reading again, at the same time. Do this over a few days (say, 5 days). Add the 5 days' consumption figures and divide the result by 5, to get an average consumption number.

3. Now do the same over the next 5 days but this time with the geyser circuit breaker switched off, for most of the day (switch the geyser on 2 hours before using hot water and switch it off after using the hot water).

4. Do this over the same period and you should see a saving, of anything from R7 a day. R210 a month is not to be ignored, if you want to save money on electricity costs. The more geysers you have the higher the savings figure.

5. If you want hot water at 6am and don't want to wake up 4am, to switch the gesyer on, rather do it two hours before going to sleep. The water should still be warm enough, the next morning, if it is not made use of till then.

At Inquinnè Trading, we recommend you use Geyserwise. It is the one simple solution I recommend to all clients. An effective device that monitor, control and regulate your geyser settings. With four daily timers that can be set to control temperature adjustments and power savings.

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