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As summer approaches we all want clean sparkling pools but we also want to save energy along the way. For houses with swimming pools, the filter pump is often one of the largest consumers of electricity, adding up to 20% of total usage. Here at Inquinnè Trading, our main priority is to help you, our customers and all other consumers to save electricity.

Here are a few things you can do to save energy and enjoy long lesurely swims in your pool.

1. Reset the pump control clock to fewer hours so that the pump runs only as long as needed to keep the pool clean. The pool manufacturer should be able to help, and should be consulted. The pool supplier can help with the right way to use the filter. Using a filter longer than necessary can be very expensive, because it wastes electricity.

2. The filter should be kept clean so it runs efficiently. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Having a clean filter means the pump can run for fewer hours but still keep the pool clean. Also, use a wall brush and leaf skimmer regularly and take foreign materials out of the strainer baskets.

3. Set the pump control clock so the pump is not on between 6-9am and 7-10pm. These are peak electricity use hours and doing this will help reduce blackouts and the need for load shedding.

4. Using a pool cover means the pool does not need to be cleaned as often and the pool pump can also run less. A heavy duty pool cover also blocks out sunlight; which prevents growth of algae and keeps the pool even cleaner. It is still recommended to run the pool filter periodically

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