Energy Saving Tip For The Week - Lights: Inquinnè Trading CC, Alberton Gauteng,

Are you ready for your next on how to safe energy in and around your house?

Here at Inquinnè Trading we believe in delivering quality service as well as quality tips for our customers. For todays tip we are going to focus the lights in your home. As summer is approaching now, the days are longer and we can switch on lights later in the evening as well as switch them off earlier in the mornings.

In most homes, lighting accounts for around 17% - 20% of the electricity bill. What can you do to reduce this? Here are a few tips:

- A considerable amount of electricity can be saved by replacing your conventional tungsten bulbs with compact-florescent lamps (CFLs). They are more expensive, but CFLs last 8 times longer.

- Use lighter lampshades as they will make the most of the energy.

- Fit lower wattage bulbs wherever possible and avoid leaving spot lights on for too long, as they use more electricity.

- Put your outdoor lights on a timer so that it can be switched on and off automatically. Just remember to adjust the timer now that it is summer.

- New ‘light-emitting diodes’, or LEDs, are even more efficient than CFLs, and last 130 times longer than CFL bulbs. They have limited applications in homes at this stage, but are ideal replacements for halogen down-lighting. They save the most, and although they may be currently expensive the cost is coming down as the technology develops.

- Of course, switching off lights in unoccupied rooms is also an obvious way to save.

We hope these tips will help you to reduce your electricity usage at home. Remember to contact Inquinnè Trading for all your electricity needs. We are here to help, install or maintain, call us today.

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